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Carole Gordon and her late beloved partner Bob Newman made music for many years. Now with it’s 21st anniversary, the popular hit musical Forever In Blue Jeans continues to tour extensively throughout the UK and abroad. In their early career Bob and Carole toured with Tammy Wynette both in the UK and America, and were voted TOP BRITISH DUO by the BRITISH MUSIC ASSOCIATION. They also enjoyed success in the USA, representing Great Britain in NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. Two of their four albums have received TOP BRITISH RECORDING by the press. Successful appearances on TV saw them featured on BBC Breakfast Time with an interview all about their Nashville trip and countless other appearances on BBC 2’s Sing Country which showed the talented twosome on the Wembley Stage amongst many star names from home and abroad.
Bob produced the original production of Forever In Blue Jeans and will always have a massive influence on the show. Carole continues to lead the company and joins the frontline singers with energetic song and dance.  



"2014 turned out to be the saddest time for me as my beloved husband and business/singing partner …. and bass player……sadly passed away on April 29th with Cancer of the Oesophagus. Bob bravely carried on with the shows for as long as it was possible and working with our lovely folks was such a boost for him and of course he was a musician through and through and when all else fails we play music !! Luckily his voice remained as good as ever and he was able to carry on singing right up until late Feb. It was his wish that I carried on with the shows as he knew that without music, life would be very tough….in fact his words were that if I stopped singing he would come back and haunt me !! So, carry on I am, and what terrific support I’ve had from my lovely cast and all my family and friends. In fact I’ve been surrounded by a huge hug and am now enjoying life again. Missing Bob every day but living as I always have surrounded by music and the nicest people in the world !!"



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